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I.Logothetis & Co

I. Logothetis & Co was established in 1977 by three brothers, Athanasios, Dionysios and Ioannis Logothetis, whose history in Textles begins far before that year.

Our Expertise

After many years of experience and having used a wide variety of machines and yarns, we are now ready to deliver any kind of fabric using any kind of yarn to meet your needs. 

In our production line, we are using jacquard weaving machines from the best weaving loom and jacquard manufacturers of Europe like Picanol, Staubli and Bonas. All our products are manufactured in Greece with high standards and a high level of commitment in what we are doing.

Our Commitment

We love what we are doing and most of all we love the satisfaction of our clients from the experience of working with us

One of our main goals is to make your work easier and more efficient and besides any electronic service or mechanical support, there is no better way that human connection. Feel free to call us and speak directly to us or arrange an appointment at our factory to start together. Because we love what we are doing.  

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